25 July 2012

Bargain Hunter: $20 Finds on Floral

I get pretty lucky sometimes.

The new house will require a lot of things. There are the big items like materials to finish the basement such as carpet, doors and millwork. That's the big stuff and I will leave that to Jud's department. and he's pretty good at finding bargains.

It's the little things for me. The ones that make the house a home. But I will have to be pretty frugal and that's where I will have to use my knack at finding the bargains will come in.

Today, I spent a little over $20 at the thrift store to find some nice decor for the house. I specifically, if not patiently, waited for today to visit my favorite thrift store. It's "knick-knacks" day and all decorative items and baskets would be on sale.

It paid off because I scored some nice silk florals and greens along with a wood vase and red ceramic urn I have been coveting for some time. Thank goodness they were still there. The wood vase was pretty. It was 4-sided and laid with 1"x1" bark in a checkerboard pattern. Not bad for about $4 in materials.

The red urn was in awesome condition and I wanted ivy trailing down the opening. I found some gold foiled floral pieces for accent and landed a nice 6' ivy swag with clear little crystal berries.

Not a bad day's work. Slowly but surely, I'll decorate our house and I'd like to do it with as much bargains as I can find.


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